At Riverbend Capital Partners LLC, we have experience growing and developing sustainable businesses with limited investment capital allowing owners to preserve equity and remain engaged in the business to achieve longer-term wealth.

We are open to exploring business, real estate and alternative investments with either debt or  equity capital.

Our ideal business invesmtment has the following characteristics:

  • Good people with domain expertise, strong vaules and a partnership approach
  • Validated offering with a clear value proposition
  • Strong customer relationships and diversification
  • Growth market, solid margins and high potential to differentiate
  • Business growing at or above market rates
  • Recurring revenue model generating positive free cash flow
  • Profitability or defined path to profitability
  • Select early stage investments

At Riverbend Capital Partners, we align to the following Leadership Principles:

  • Authenticity- open, honest and respectful dialogue with the intent of creating the best outcome
  • Selflessness- serving the interests of the team and organization and not one’s own personal interests
  • Team Oriented- leveraging the collective intelligence and experiences of an entire group of individuals to achieve the best outcome
  • Results with Integrity- holding each other accountable and applying resources to those opportunities and customers that will yield the greatest return to the organization
  • Growth Mindset- recognizing that we each have our biases and blind spots, and that by listening to different perspectives and leveraging the collective experiences and intelligence of the group we can achieve the best outcome


At Riverbend Capital Partners, while our primary objective is to achieve a targeted rate of return on our investments, we are also committed to giving back our time, our talent and our treasures to both causes and community that serve a greater purpose.